The Archdiocese of Agrigento has conceived and set up this exhibition – dedicated to the knowledge of the archival, book and artistic heritage, preserved in the three cultural institutes, the Museum, the Archives and the Diocesan Library – as part of the MAB initiative, promoted by the National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage of the Italian Episcopal Conference, dedicated to the enhancement of the cultural heritage of museums, libraries and ecclesiastical archives.

Liturgical books, handed down for generations, gather the best of ecological production; they are a sample of confrontation with those who, before us, expressed faith in the lexorandi, the lexcredendi and in the lex vivendi. They also report the concrete way of living the faith by aspecific local Church.

A path of knowledge and enhancement of the ancient liturgical books of the Agrigento Church kept in the Cathedral, dated from the seventeenth century to today, is proposed.

On display are presented the missals and pontificals from the Cathedral and recently restored by the Diocesan Museum.

The collection exhibits manuscript sources from the Acts of the Bishops (1547-48 to 1631-32) and rescripts of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, with indications and prescriptions for liturgical and sacramental activities. Through the archive papers the history of liturgical books is reconstructed, as much as the passage from the ancient rites to the provisions of the Council of Trent, with the publication of the missal of St. Pius V.

The Diocesan Library of the Seminary reveals a rare Gospel of 1920, with iconographic themes, chromatic choices and executive techniques that recall medieval illuminators and scribes.

The Gospel encloses the dedication of Pius XI Beati qui audiunt Verbum Dei etcustodiunt.