Elisa Nicolaci

The knightwhispers to the dame: "I know somebodywho looks like you"
Metallic mesh and fabric, 2006
Collection of the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina

This work of art wascreated for the Museum of MediterraneanWefts and focuses on some items like a drawer, a tureen and a painting.

The installation, whencompared with the museum furniture, takes aback the viewerbecause of itsextraordinarysimilitudethatreveals the tricklying in the weight and softness of the surfaces.

The three items are alsoconnected by the samefabricthat covers the drawer and becomes, in the pattern of the piece, the denotative element of the tureen and the painting, making sure that the similitudesbetween the elementsbounce off eachothercreatingastonishment and bewilderment.


Elisa Nicolaciwasborn in Palermo in 1977. Shelives and works in Rome.

Sheis a sculptor and a painter, and took part in variousprestigiousexhibitsboth in Italy and abroad. Recentlyher works focus on video creation, of whichshe's the sole author, from the initial idea to the images and the music. The protagonists are almostalwaysderived from her body of work. The music shecomposesisoftenused to animate the scene.

Shetook part in variousexhibits, amongwhich:

2009 "Dritto-Rovescio", by Do-Knit-Yourself, Triennale di Milano (MI), Electa Catalog
2015 "Expo Arte Italiana", curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Varedo (MB)
2020 "900' da Pirandello a Guccione - Artisti di Sicilia", curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Convitto delle Arti in Noto (SR). Giorgio Mondadori Catalog
2021 "Botticelli, il suo tempo. E il Nostro tempo", from a Vittorio Sgarbi's idea, curated by Alessandro Cecchi and Dennis Isaia in Rovereto. Silvana Editoriale Catalog
2012 12th Edition of the "Centro-Periferia" Prize, curated by Federculture in the Adrian Temple, Piazza di Pietra, Rome (RM)
2014 "Artisti di Sicilia, da Pirandello a Iudice", curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Ex Florio Establishment of the Tonnare in Favignana (TP), Skira Catalog
2015 "Ottocelle", exhibit by the European Project Creative LAB at the Contemporary Art Museum of Alcamo, Collegio dei Gesuiti of Alcamo (TP)
2015 "Centro Periferia Venice Edition", Flangini Palace in Venice. Federculture Catalog
2015 Expo Arte Italiana, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Varedo (MB)