This project is the result of the cooperationbetween the Diocesan Museum of Agrigento and the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina.

Works of art crafted by great masters of contemporary art and belonging to the collection of the Museum of MediterraneanWefts of the Orestiadi Foundation can be found in the museum halls, together with artifacts of the decorative artssection.

Thisexhibitisakin in concept to the Gibellina's Museum of MediterraneanWeftswherecontemporary works of art, artisticallyhandcrafted items, masterpieces and artifactsintended for everyday use can be found and appreciatedequally, eschewing the classificationbetween minor and major arts.

These works of art seamlessly merge with the Diocesan Museum exhibits, resulting in a correspondance and linearity of meaningthatallowsus to readboth the ancient and the contemporaryas the result of the same creative urge that, spanning from Altamira's cave paintings to ourpresent, helps usdefine a correct and unique concept of culture.

Some of the works reference the everydayaffairs of our time, othersspeak to ourspirit, buttheyalldefine art as the medium for rebirth, to overcomehardships, to point towards new directions, as a therapy for the world, as an universal tool thatallowsus to understandeachother and overcomephysical and mentalbarriers.