Jonida Xherry

Mediterranean Carpet
Painted and enameledceramics, 2016
Collection of the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina


This work of art was made in Gibellina togeher with the youngmigrantswhostayed in western Sicily'sRefugee Centers. The Mediterranean Carpet iscomposed of sevenhundredtiles, wheremigrants express theirfears, their dreams, and theirhopesthroughwritings and drawings.

Jonida Xherritranformsone's creative act into a moment of freedom, like only art isable to, by emphasizing the necessity of freelymoving from a place to anotheras a fundamentalright, just like eating, havingclothes and a shelter.


Jonida Xherri (Durrës , Albany 1985)

In 2013 sheobtainsherthree-year degree in Visual Artsat Florence Fine Arts Academy, and shewould go on to study Visual Arts and New Art MediumsbetweenMuenster's Kunst Academy and Florence's Academy. Shelives in Modica. Shecollaborated with various museums and galleries on projects and exhibitsregarding social art, integration and workshops in Albania, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Rio De Janeiro, Romania and China. Sheworkedas a teachingassistantat the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Hermostimportantresearchisfocused on public installations and integration projects like the "Chocolate Boat", createdat the Orestiadi Foundation in the project "Albero della Cuccagna - Nutrimenti d'Arte", curated by Achille Bonito Oliva in 2015.