Giuseppe Agnello

Saint Giovanni Bosco
Chalk and alabaster (draft), 2020
Private collection


This work of art wascreated for a project aimedat building a new churchdedicated to Saint Giovanni Bosco. Itspurposeis to enrich the churchyard, creating a focal point thatcaptures the visitor'sattention. Saint Giovanni Bosco isdepicted in the center of the work, surrounded by kids, a symbol of hisdedication to the education and protection of the youth. The natuallandscape appeals to ourcollectivememory, with alabaster stones and spontaneousplants like giantfennels, evoking the landscapes of childhood and of Sicily. This union between a religious figure and a natuallandscapeaims to convey a message of belonging and rooting in hisown culture and tradition, inviting the viewer to reflect on the importance of the bonds with their native land. He taughtsculptingat the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara. He currentlyteachesSculpting and Sculpting Techniques at the Fine Arts Academy in Palermo. He lives and works between Racalmuto (AG) and Palermo.